Sewage Treatment Tank (concrete)

The Biocycle treatment system is typically a single, moulded concrete tank, with five internal chambers. Each chamber has its own specific task in the treatment process. The technical name for this type of system is 'AWTS' - Aerated (or Advanced) Wastewater Treatment System.

The first two Primary Treatment chambers allow floatation of fats, while naturally occurring anaerobic bacterial organisms digest solids. Any sludge settles to the bottom. The mid-water is the cleanest and flows into the third Aeration chamber. 

The Aeration (Secondary Treatment) chamber hosts naturally occurring aerobic bacteria, which grow on a special media framework we install. Multiplying or diminishing as required by flow rate and available 'food' (suspended solids), these bacteria consume suspended organic particles, resulting in clear and odourless treated effluent flowing to the final stage within our forth Clarification chamber. Any remaining microscopic sediment (activated sludge) settles to the bottom, then is sucked up and returned to the first chamber for re-treatment. 

The fifth chamber has a high-quality energy efficient pump installed, designed especially for human effluent discharge. This pump turns on automatically by float switch when required, and discharges clean nutrient rich water which can now be utilised as a valuable irrigation resource for trees and landscaped gardens, or soakage into lawns.  

As a nation, we need to address and improve our environmental impact, so future Kiwis can enjoy swimming in and drinking from our precious streams and rivers. While other industry sectors focus on cleaning up the agriculture and horticulture industries, we at Biocycle are proud to focus our efforts on cleaning up human wastewater and converting toxic pollutants into a valuable clean and natural irrigation resource for home gardens.

Taylex 10EP Lightweight Secondary AWTS

The Taylex 10EP is a single plastic tank capable of treating up to 2,000Litres/day of domestic wastewater. The basic treatment process and chamber flow path is very similar to our Biocycle 8200 model, but the tank weighs less than 600Kg, meaning it can be carried into position and installed using a 3tonne digger or similar, eliminating the need for large trucks or cranes on difficult to access sites.

Davey high quality submersible drainage pumps

BioCycle prefers the Davey range of D42 and D53 automatic pumps for AWTS applications

Thomas Lineal Diaphragm Air Pumps

We utilise the highest quality Thomas LP80-200 blowers to supply dissolved oxygen for our AWTS tanks. These pumps have proven themselves in our industry over 30 years and are well-known for their reliable performance, long life and efficiency.