Biocycle Service Alarm Response

The Biocycle system includes an alarm (optional at the tank). The alarm panel (audible & visual) is installed within the house, and should be placed in a visible location. The alarm plate is similar to an ordinary light switch, with two coloured LED lights. It is important that the alarm only be muted AFTER your Biocycle Service Agent has been contacted.

The two lights indicate:

1. AIR pressure alarm: Designed to activate if the air pump ceases to operate, or air pipe breaks/blocks.

2. High WATER level alarm: Designed to activate if the water level in your Pump chamber reaches a critical level. This indicates an abnormally high flow rate of incoming wastewater, or that the irrigation pump is malfunctioning, or the irrigation filter is blocked and needs cleaning.

You should contact us within 24 hours if the alarm activates. Either Biocycle Ltd or an authorised agent will then respond to your call. You should also contact your local Biocycle accredited Service Agent if you are going away and expect to be absent from your property for more than 1 month. It's really good planning to have your Service Agent 'activate' your system's bacteria prior to your return.

The domestic Biocycle system provides an air space that can accept an additional 1600 litres, providing protection if the irrigation pump is not able to discharge for any reason. This gives an average 4-person household one to two days' Emergency Storage safety margin.

Routine Maintenance and Emergency Support

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